Autosol® Mould Polish                                                                               Item No.: TBA

Item Description

Cut “Down Time” and increase machine run time

Perfect formulation for the plastic’s industry

Excellent for polishing thermoforming moulds, injection moulds, blow moulding moulds, dies, extrusion chill rolls.

Restores mirror finish

The perfect polished surface is protected against plastic residue and build up

Autosol® Mould Cleaner                                                                             Item No.: TBA

Item Description

Solvent based

Efficient degreasing and cleaning of metal parts

Evaporates quickly

Residue free

Prepares the surface for the application of AUTOSOL mould protection

Also suitable for other non absorbent surfaces such as glass or plastic

Autosol® Mould Protection                                                                         Item No.: TBA

Item Description

Complete protection Against humidity and corrosion

Wax like, temporary preservation for all metal surfaces

Protect moulds, industrial tools, gardening tools, cavity areas within the vehicle, ect.

Ideally suited for objects, which are to be stored

The mould remains in top condition

Easy to remove with Autosol Mould Cleaner

Colourless and silicone free

* Do not use on anodised aluminium

Pack per carton: 6

Weight: 750ml

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